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The Silk Tie Company was incorporated in London, England with the intention to produce the

finest luxury silk ties and to establish itself as a top tier luxury men’s accessories brand.

Our ties are made in Italy with silk made in Como with a unique technique displaying fine filigree detail.

The quality of colour will withstand the test of time as will the timeless patterns. 

We wish to evoke a sense of enlightenment by integrating age old wisdom and classic aesthetics into

the very fabric of the brand.

The heritage of silk and the sartorial excellence of master tie makers sets the foundation for our venture to

explore. We welcome you to join the company on its journey to discover our primary value. To uncover

enlightenment in whatever shape or form it exists.


The Silk Tie Company® is a registered trademark of Ajay Valecha

The Silk Tie Company Limited

Registered in England and Wales

Company Number 10295471

39 Bickenhall Street London W1U 6BR United Kingdom

VAT Number 308 4773 89